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Last updated March 11th, 2023

This privacy policy describes the information collected when you access the neoliber.al website or the services hosted here and how your information it is used.

The neoliber.al Website

In general, the information we collect on the website is limited to that which your browser automatically sends when accessing any website. This website does not use any trackers nor share any information with third parties except as required by law or as necessary to ensure the continued operation of the website (eg. sharing logs with our hosting provider Digial Ocean to identify a bug). Cookies are not used except as necessary to provide basic functionality of the website, and are only ever stored with your consent. An example of this is clicking the "Remember Me" button on the User Pinger 2 page

Below is a list of the information that is logged when accessing the neoliber.al web server. Nerds will recognize this as the default nginx config.

This information is stored for some time which I could probably figure out if I wanted to but I'm feeling lazy and have been writing this shit for half an hour now. Just assume it's for forever.

This information is stored on Digital Ocean's servers and may be subject to their policies as well.

The Mastodon Server

The Mastodon server is covered under a separate privacy policy which can be found here.

The /r/neoliberal bots

When you use the bots on the subreddit, some information will be recorded on this server as part of standard logging procedures to ensure that the bot is functioning as intended. For example, if you make a submission to the subreddit and our bot Rent Seeker posts a corresponding comment in the dt, the submission ID and correponsding comment ID are recorded.

Additionally for bots like User Pinger 2 information such as a user's subscriptions will be collected and stored to provide the necessary functionality of the bot.

For User Pinger 2 specifically, I am specifically using access tokens that expire as quickly as possible (1 hour) so that no association can be made between your IP address and Reddit account beyond the short timeframe necessary for the website to work.

The specific details of what information is recorded depends on the bots and may change with time, but is limited to metadata of Reddit posts and messages sent to our bots. That is to say, the content of your comments and posts are never recorded here, although they are recorded on other services such as Pushshift so you should never post anything you don't want to be public. This is particularly relevant for User Pinger 2 where the ping log stores who sent a ping, to what group, and at what time, but does not store the contents of the ping comment.

All our bots are free and open source software, so you can see for yourself what information is collected by looking at the code on our Github page if you'd like.

Deleting your Information

No specific policies exist to delete your information, however if you would like to make a request a good faith effort will be made to comply. Please message jenbanim@gmail.com if you would like to request this.