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I'll put a real privacy policy here soon, promise

In the meantime though, the gist is that the only personal info I collect of yours comes from the default logging behavior of nginx. This includes your IP address, a timestamp, the webpage you visited, your user agent, and some other stuff that probably doesn't matter. None of this is, like, super personally identifiable, and it's pretty much the bare minimum of what any website collects. No cookies, fingerprinting or other weird stuff.

I've also recently added a "remember me" button to User Pinger 2, which, as the name implies will keep you logged in. The token that this stores in your web browser cookies identifies your Reddit account, and obviously will only ever be used to provide the necessary functionality for that page to work.

This may change in the future as I add more functionality. In particular I might start using cookies for website settings, and if I ever get around to installing Mastodon then I'll actually be collecting important data, and I'll write a real privacy policy.